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About Us

We started our business back in 1994 as a family business and registered our first business name in Luxembourg,
Universal Exports S.A. - Financial business relations
In 2008, a decision was made to expand the activities and develop the first Holding Company:
Universal Exports Holding S.M.A. Monaco,
which later in 2010 created several new Companies:
Aeroput-Monaco Fly S.M.A. - Transport of cargo by air, VIP Transport of Persons;
Monaco Royal Motor Yach Club S.M.A. - Association of Motor Yacht Owners;
Omega Group S.M.A. - Trading and Brokerage Business House;
Vostokstroy S.М.А. -Construction Company, building, and civil engineering, bridges, airports, and railway infrastructure;
International Tourism & Hotels Company S.M.A. - Catering, tourism and guest accommodation (6 hotels so far);
BioAgrarTech S.M.A.- Technological development system of biological cultivation of food, meat, milk and dairy products, research, and development center;
Solar Photo Voltaic Power Stations S.M.A.- A development and investment company, built 3 Solar Power Plants and further develops new ones, plus an operator.
SmartRidez S.M.A.- Manufacture and development of electric cars and minibusses, for urban environments;
Universal Brandy Production Ltd, Grocka Serbia - Company established in 2012 and dedicated to a natural selection of Brandy, and long term production of high-quality spirits.
Universal Bio-Fuels Production Ltd, Nemenikuce, Serbia - Natural Grown microalgae, for fuel production, and natural fertilizers.
Universal Serbia Fruits Ltd, Grocka - Serbia, The high-tech organic growth of fruits in Serbia (technology development company).
Universal Agrar Ltd, Sopot, Serbia - a development company for the development of urban and rural development technologies, growing vegetables and bread grains, on a natural-organic basis.
Universal Milk Serbia Corporation Ltd. - Development company, and association of milk producers, improvement of technologies and based on organic production.
In addition to all that, we have not forgotten philanthropic work through:
Serbia Development Fund - a non-profit organization that helps Serbs in Serbia and abroad.


Since 2014, we registered a New Holding Company in Switzerland under a name:

Universal Exports Holding AG - Zug, Switzerland, and all the above company's are under one roof since that time, with the main office in Monaco

In addition to all that, we have an excellent cooperation with:
Rosneft OAO, Moscow, Russian Federation
Gazprom OAO, Moscow Russian Federation
Lukoil OAO, Moscow, Russian Federation
Russian Development Fund, Moscow Russian Federation
National Research Center "Gamaleya" -Russian Federation
OKB MIG Russia
OKB MIL Russia

And many others

So far we employed in 13 Countries (Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, France, Greece, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Cuba) jobs for over one million employees and we do non stop upgrade and education not only staff but the children...


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